Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Oooh - today I got a parcel! A rather special parcel, courtesy of Debbie from Dreaming of a Simple Life. We were swap partners in Dolly Dollop's colour swap and I chose denim blue as my fave colour. And as you can see, Debbie has sent me some really lovely things. I love the lacy mat, I think it could be one of her vintage finds. Some crafty ribbons, some cornflower seeds (lovely idea!), a spotty pen, some choccy and did you spot the card? Very appropriate!

And a rather interesting piece of fabric there with irons and teapots and kitcheny gadgets on. Hmm, what shall I use that for?

Also, this lovely tea cosy, handmade of course. And perhaps the piece-de-resistance - this beautifully crocheted cushion, which I assume Debbie made herself - must have taken her ages.

So a big THANK YOU to Debbie - she put lots of extras in there as we were only supposed to swap 5 items, so thanks again for the gifts.

Meanwhile, I've been frantically trying to finish the boy's jumper. Here it is being blocked (on the bed!). I have to admit that it's the first time I've ever blocked anything and what a surprise - when I took the pins out it stayed in shape! Blinking marvellous. I want to finish it before the weekend away because it's freeeeeezing, isn't it? It's actually been SNOWING here today, all day long, not to mention the non-stop rain we've had all week.

Even for 5 days away, the preparations are endless, aren't they? Washing, ironing, airing and packing of clothes. Planning, preparing and packing of picnic/snacks for journey. Presents of the chocolate variety. Cameras, phones and all sort of chargers - don't forget. Music for the car. A full tank and off we go.

The boy will get a nice surprise on Good Friday morning as we set off - his car 'activity' centre is finished, complete with a steering wheel (not shown), binoculars, colouring books, sticker books, pens, and cars. Let's see how long that keeps him going for!

Wishing you all a very chocolately Easter - I'll be back after the break xx

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  1. I'm so pleased that you liked your swap Bridget and you know I was like a dog with two tails with mine ..... I picked up a bag of old late 80s/early 90s Prima and Me patterns from a lady on Freecycle yesterday ... blimey they took me back but do you know there are quite a few that wouldn't look out of place in 2010 so I have sorted and filed them for future use.