Monday, 15 March 2010

The lady and the Revamp

Well having said that I was all set to re-vamp my kitchen cushions, the first thing I did was go straight upstairs and start to make the above. Which is clearly not a cushion.

It's a needle roll for my knitting needles! I've been wanting to make one of these for ages, mainly because I drive myself batty everytime I try to find the correct needles, and also because I never know whether I've got the needles I need when I'm buying new wool. So - hey presto - problems solved.

And then yesterday, on Mother's Day, after I'd recovered from the card and the breakfast in bed (ahhh!), I suddenly got it into my head that my sewing area needed a revamp. As you may know, I use the corner of a bedroom and it's a struggle to get the balance between a functional sewing corner and a neat bedroom. I threw the question out for discussion to hubby and his immediate answer was book shelves. DOH! Why didn't I think of that?

With nice, neat baskets to make it all look organised. One trip to Homebase and the transformation was complete!
Now - did you spy these fabrics on the desk (above)? I have to admit to purchasing these on Saturday as - yes - I still had the kitchen revamp in mind.

These are the current, rather uninspiring, shot-bought cushions on the window seat. Dull, dull, dull. I was going to go for spring greens and pinks, but then realised I'd have to change the entire colour scheme of the kitchen (rug and all) and decided that was a bit OTT. So I just went for light, floral fabrics on the red/cream scale. And here is my first one:

It only took a couple of hours from start to finish, yesterday, even with the piping and an envelope button back. Sometimes I wonder why I leave the simplest projects till last.

Now, the little shop where I bought these fabrics is, in fact, on a farm! Yes, in true Cumbrian country style, it's a farm AND a rather lovely fabric shop which also runs sewing and knitting courses. Talk about a little gem. Whilst in the shop I spied a jelly roll. Have you ever used a jelly roll? I have always wondered what they're about - apparently, they are just rolls of different fabrics, roughly 40 inches long x 2.5" wide and you use them for patchwork. The one I had my eye on was reds/blues/denims and would make a perfect quilt for the boy's bedroom. And only £26! And you do seem to get masses of material so I'm thinking it's a bit of a bargain. I did resist buying it, as I have these cushions to make first, but I may just have to go back and snaffle it up :)

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