Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pay it forward

Don't you just love blogging? Yesterday I had a lovely comment from a lady called Meream and so of course I took a look at her blog. She is into all things sewing and creative and lives in the Phillipines - it's so funny to think of people all over the world, sat creating at their machines, don't you think? Anyhow, she had this brilliant idea for a pin cushion tied to your sewing machine - like, doh! - why are all the brilliant ideas the simplest? I literally had to race upstairs and make one, there and then.

And then of course I was all set to make cushion no.2 (above). I am a bit of a hearts addict, I'm afraid, in true country cottage style, so a heart cushion was a certainty. The pictures, as usual, don't really do it justice because you can't really see the red border. I just did the simple envelope button back again, edged in red.

So here are my 2 cushions in 2 days.
But today I fear it's a housework day. The way I do it is blitz it all in one day and then have the rest of the week free - simples! However, I saw a programme on BBC4 last night called Women, which was supposed to be all about feminism, but wasn't. It was just a series of interviews with couples about who does the housework - I'll give you 3 guesses as to who does the most. Anyway, one lady had about 4 kids and was Super HouseWife. She not only planned every meal (including breakfast) but actually TYPED it out into a SPREADSHEET. I was, at once, full of admiration and horror. She also had specific days for each of the household tasks, e.g. wash towells on Monday, wash sheets on Tuesday, dusting on Wednesday, etc. Now that did freak me out a bit. Surely any sane person just looks in the basket and pulls out whatever is in there?
Then again, I bet she never finds herself in the position I am in this morning - in need of an urgent haircut. I expect she has regular, 6 week appointments scheduled in advance for every head in her house. You see there's part of me that craves this sort of organisation and another part of me that refuses point blank to have any part in it at all. I think that bit's the sane bit ... or is it ...?


  1. Dear Bridget,

    I'm from BBC Radio Cumbria. I run a feature on the Ian Timms Show called Little Cumbria...

    Each week I ask three different people to keep a dairy for five consecutive days, to tell the story of their lives.

    Each diary entry needs to be 130 words, which is roughly 45 seconds in length.

    Once the diary is written, we then arrange a time to record it... And then I mix the three different diaries together with a narrator and theme music, and make a mini Cumbrian soap.

    It runs Monday to Friday at 1745, and is now entering it's 35th week.

    It's a bit of fun, and works really well, and for it to last I want to keep bringing new voices to the feature.

    Would you willing to have a bash?

    here are my contact details... I look forward to hearing from you,


    Steven Greaves | BBC Radio Cumbria
    Annetwell Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8BB
    tel: 01228 592444
    e-mail: steven.greaves@bbc.co.uk

  2. HI Bridget...j don't do it!!! be footloose and fancy free... can you imagine the stress if something happens and you can't keep to the schedule? can you imagine living without spontaneity?

    I shudder.