Friday, 12 March 2010

Spring makeover

I blame it on the housey mags that I just CANNOT stop buying. All those lovely Spring pictures of pinks and greens and yellows and everything looking sunny and jolly and ... Spring like. I saw some bunting and thought - YES - bunting for the cousins! So off I went to chop up my dwindling stash of colourful fabrics to do them some personalised bunting each. Crikey - it's only now I realise how long their names are! Mind you I did cheat a bit by using the old pinking shears instead of hemming them properly.

And now I am thinking perhaps a little makeover is in order in the kitchen/diner - this is the dining area:

You see how it's all reds and golds - CHRISTMASSY - in other words. And the cushions on the window seat have always annoyed me because I bought them and although they were the best I could find at the time, to fill a gap, but I really don't like them. Of course, I have always meant to make my own but you know how it is with time flying, etc.

Wouldn't it be nice to be the sort of person who changes cushion covers with the changing of the seasons - bright and airy for summer and warm and cosy for Chrimbo? As you know, I am a secret Bree Van Der Kampf (from Desperate Housewives - she puts Martha Stewart to shame). Another fantasy of mine is to own an Armoire - one of those wardrobes with shelves and glass door panels - and fill it with lavender scented laundry all tied up in bundles (with ribbons) and patchwork quilts. Sadly, there is no room in our cottage to put one as we have slopey ceilings in bedrooms and no 'landing' as such. Believe me, I have tried to suggest moving walls and windows - ha ha, very funny. The only possible spot is in the kitchen (where the little table is, bottom right of above picture) - but even I draw the line at laundry smelling of bacon sandwiches. Hey ho.

Well we are off to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D tonight. It was hubby's choice, for his birthday, but I cannot say I am too upset at the prospect of Johnny Depp in 3D ;) Ahhh. I shall leave you with that rather lovely thought.


  1. your cottage looks sooo lovely!

  2. That is one cozy cottage! I love the rocking chair corner. Man, I wish I can live in a house just like this :)