Monday, 22 March 2010

Thinking Cap On

Well I have to admit that the last week has not been terribly creative - at least on the making things side. Instead, my mind has been occupied by various ideas. Am thinking about having an etsy shop. Soooo many friends have said to me, why don't you sell your stuff, but I've always shied away with various excuses. However, I am now giving it some serious thought. I don't expect there's much money to be made, realistically, but it might pay for my obsession and thus remove the guilt every time I buy some lovely wool or fabric. Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, I've had a couple of offers, completely out of the blue. The local BBC radio station have asked me to write a diary for 5 days, just about every day life, to be recorded by me and broadcast on BBC Radio Cumbria. Sounds fun - but it's quite hard to pack a day into 45 seconds and still make it interesting and even, hopefully, witty. Will keep you posted on progress.

And secondly, my husband is currently converting a very large house into a B&B - they're having 4 new en-suite bedrooms put in - and hubby has volunteered me to advise on colour schemes, with a view to making the curtains and cushions, etc. Am somewhat daunted by the idea, but on the other hand it will give me a chance to try my hand at a spot of interior design, which might be fun.

So a couple of things there that were really unexpected and have somewhat thrown me off course a little. Luckily, my son has brought me down to earth with a bump. Yesterday was the fundraising Table Top Sale for his school and as I was manning a stall, we got there early. After one hour, my son had managed to accumulate 3 bags FULL of tat - sorry - toys, including this rather lovely statue that he bought for me:

Isn't it gorgeous? To say I was speechless would be an understatement. There is so much I could read into this but I dare not. He proudly told me that he paid 10p for it - again, laugh or cry? As my friend pointed out (after she'd recovered from hysterics), I will now have to display it in the house. I'm still speechless.

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  1. What a thoughtful little boy ... eek .... I have some horrors in my loft bought when mine were small and they would never let me forget if I chucked them! The Etsy shop sounds like a great idea and hubby's recommendation will open new doors for you too. Why is it that we crafters cannot blow our own trumpets?? I'm just finalising the colour swap and should be ready to post by the end of the week. Have a good one x