Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Allotment

So here we are on our new allotment. It's actually a piece of land that a friend has let us have, in his garden, next to his turkeys, chickens, ducks, bees and pigs ... here's George ...

His 'partner' Mildred is expecting their first litter of piglets on Easter Saturday. Ahhh. Actually, we also have a half share in all these animals.

And here is me, planting up my seeds for the very first time ever. I have to say that, for years, I've fancied growing my own veg and living the 'good life' but have been completely clueless as to how to start out on this mission. However, now that we have managed to secure a plot with our friends - who actually know what they're doing (she grew up on a farm) - it turns out to be easy peasy!!

All you do is buy some compost and some trays, like these (below), then get some seeds and put them in! And water them. We splashed out 20 quid on a pop-up greenhouse too. You just keep them in there until the little sprigs appear and then you can take them out for a week or two to 'harden' them off before putting them in the ground.

I sowed (no, not that kind!) leeks, parsnips, courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins (the boy insisted), purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, onions, sweetcorn - think that's it - oh and the carrots and potatoes go straight in the ground. I've also got some pots to put some herbs in, for the back garden.

And this is our patch (the one at the back).

This was yesterday, but today we started digging it over and preparing it for the seedlings. Ooooh - it's quite exciting really and has made me all of a sudden want to cook! Just imagine, cycling down to the plot in the summer, picking some veg and then coming home and cooking with it! Just call me Jamie Oliver ;)

Now, I would just like to say that my computer asked me if I'd like to change browser, and stupidly I said yes, and now I can't do all the things I used to do. Arrggggh! I don't know how to move my pictures around my blog anymore. MOST annoying. Do not ask me why this picture is to the left. I do not know. But anyway, it's the pop-up greenhouse, full of our seed trays.

I shall try to figure out what is going on in my corner of cyberspace before I return. Honestly. WHY can't they just leave things as they are?

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