Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Getting organised

So last week at my sewing class, when I was making the toy bag, my teacher suggested making hanging pockets for the car seat - you put them over the back of the front passenger seat and fill with activities, so that small boy can keep amused for long journeys. Et Voila! As we are going on a very long journey at Easter, I thought I'd whip one up. I put little dowling rods in the top and bottom to keep its shape, and then just added pockets. It's not quite finished yet - I think another pocket top right with a small pad in, plus the addition of a long strap, buttoned to the front. On the end of this strap will be a steering wheel - yes, the boy has been watching too much Simpsons and now wants one like Maggie has in the opening credits! You try finding one in the shops (or online)!! Talk about mission impossible. In the end, I've got a very basic wheel - no fancy dashboard or bells and whistles - so that I can attach a strap to it and it can be part of the pockets.

In the big pocket is a sticker book and a chalk board book - a great little thing that has blackboards in it so that he can chalk and wipe off. The top left pocket has some binoculars - perfect for spotting Steady Eddies (Eddie Stobart vans!).

Meanwhile, I've been preparing some goody bags for the 4 cousins who will be together at Easter. Inside these are:

a pair of these:
some of these:

plus a pad and pen, lots of chocolate and - most importantly - the 2 eldest have a ball of wool and some knitting needles and the 2 youngest have a french knitting bobbin and some wool! Yes, I am planning on teaching them how to knit!! Should be fun, given they are 4, 5, 7 and 10! (nb: my son is one of the 4 and no, he will not be getting hairslides - I thought he may just prefer a cuddly dinosaur).

Well, hubby's birthday today. A cake is being prepared and an 'outing' planned to see Alice in Wonderland, on Friday. Well, wouldn't want to interfere with my sewing class tonight, would we ...


  1. There are going to be four very happy Easter bunnies when they see those bags Bridget. I must say your clothing makes have inspired me to make some summer pieces for myself this year. It must be 20 years since I last did that! The things I like are just too expensive in the shops. The girls have also plans to go to ladies day at Ascot this year and I am so not a floaty frock and hat sort but I love to see the gee gees ... I'm on the look out for a classy tunic/trouser suit ... give me a shout if you see a pattern please x

  2. thanks for your comment! Was beginning to wonder whether I was all alone in blog land! Did you see the pattern for the tunic I made? It's further back on my blog in January - it's very simple and has matching trousers and a waistcoat I think - just a thought!

  3. Hi Bridget...Glad you bunoed into my blog...hope it didn't hurt ;-) Love your car seat organiser, what a great idea!

    Thank you also for your words of wisdom re the building work. I am trying very hard to let it all wash over me, but it's like now - I'm sitting here trying to work (or blog!) and they keep chatting to me! I want my house back to myself even more than bothered about the mess. Tell your hubby, I'm trying my best not to cry!