Monday, 1 March 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Good Morning All! And Happy Dewi Sant (to all the Welshies, me included)! What a gloooooorious day it is here today - bright blue skies, wonderful sunshine - in fact, if it wasn't for the fact that there's still a chill in the air, it could be a summer's day. Absolutely fabulous (dahling). But how to celebrate? Get as many loads of washing out on the line as possible, of course! At this rate, I may even see the bottom of the basket.

Well here is my February page. I am finding this a really nice project - a good way of remembering what we've been doing each month and a record of all my projects, too. It will be so nice to look back over the year and remember what we've done.

This weekend we had a day in my favourite local town - Kendal. I love Kendal - it's a large market town with lots and lots of lovely little shops, as well as all the big ones. And lo and behold, the answer to all my prayers - a NEW ROWAN SHOP!! Can you believe it? The most beautiful wool shop I have seen for ages, full of every single Rowan yarn you can imagine, plus the full Debblie Bliss range and lots of other luxury yarns. I mean, hellow? Talk about heaven for moi. I was even allowed a child-free hour, on my own, just to marvel at the place. Of course, a purchase was made, although it was extremely difficult to know where to start. In the end, I went for a Debblie Bliss book - Junior Knits, I think it's called - with 25 beauuuutiful kid's knits. I also bought some Debblie Bliss yarn and by Saturday night I had already knitted these:

Wrist Warmers! Modelled by my boy, but they are in fact not for him (he was most put out), as they are in, what I consider to be, girl's colours and I did have some girls in mind when I made them. (Don't worry, I shall run him up a pair!). Fab, aren't they?
Next on the list is this utterly, utterly delicious bag:
I've already started it, although not in the correct yarn, just in some purple chunky that I had spare:

It's a much nicer purple that it looks, by the way. You are supposed to knit the lining too, but I thought I'd line it with some girlie fabric instead. It's for a birthday present for a 7 year old cousin. Yes, yes, I know I have a BOY, but the girl's stuff is just so lovely and I can't resist it. But he will get his fare share - there's some lovely jumpers in there and a rather fetching gillet, too.

Meanwhile, I have started my cable cardigan. Seeing as I spent so much on the Rowan yarn, I did my tension square:

which was perfecto, so off I started on the sleeve:

It's slow going, I'm afraid, as I have to follow a chart, which requires concentration. But I love doing it - I just love seeing how it all turns out.

Oh, I finished the other cable cardi, by the way:

Although I love the pattern, I'm not very impressed with the finished result because of the yarn. It was cheap yarn, really - only 2 quid a ball - and I think it lets it down. The ball band said strictly DO NOT PRESS, which I completely ignored, but it made absolutely no difference anyway. It's not a very uniform finish - sort of holey. However, I will wear it in the summer, I expect. But it has taught me a good lesson - never skimp on your yarn! Really, if you're going to put all the effort into making a garment, it makes sense to use the best, does it not? (can you see how I am effortlessly justifying my recent splurges on expensive yarn?)
Yesterday, I spent the day making a costume - yes, it's dress up day (again) at school. This time it's for World Book Day and I DO NOT want to be caught out again. They have to go as their favourite character from a book - guess what the boy's favourite book is? "Ketchup on your Cornflakes". Yeah. Exactly. But I am not going to be defeated by this. He is going as a bottle of Ketchup. At first I thought, large piece of cardboard strapped to his front. Then - brainwave - why not make it an apron, then he can use it again? Bloody marvellous idea. With a white hat for the lid. I shall reveal all tomorrow ... it's not quite finished yet, but I am already bathing in smugness ;)

By the way, this is George. George is half owned by my husband. I'm not sure which half he owns. He and his business partner have some pigs, some chickens, ducks and bees - yes, bees - in a sort of half-hearted attempt at the Good Life. His wife is called Mildred (naturally). He is rather lovely, actually. You can put your hand flat on his snout and it's all wet, like a giant dog's nose!! George is a stud and we are waiting to see whether he has managed to impregnate Mildred. It's doubtful, as she bites him every time he comes near. Poor George. Still, he's better off than his siblings - but they were extremely tastey.

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