Wednesday, 3 March 2010

All about the Bag

So this:

is my version of this:

... the lovely Debblie Bliss pattern from my new book, Junior Knits. As you can see, I made a few adaptions as I was using yarn I already had, instead of buying new (mainly because I just couldn't wait). You were supposed to knit the lining in a constrasting colour, but instead I just made a lining out of some spotty fabric and hand stitched it in:

Again, the purple I used is actually a much nicer colour than it looks here. This was so easy to knit and I'd definitely do it again, perhaps with the correct yarn this time as I really do love that pink. It's quite a substantial bag, which can stand up on its own, due to the superchunky yarn used.

It's for an Easter birthday girl, so I think I'll put some little eggs in there.

Meanwhile, I have started Spring Cleaning ... well, actually, I've just put the kitchen curtains in the washing machine but it's a start, isn't it? I MAY, may, just attack the cooker today - we have one of those range cookers, like an Aga but not an Aga, which is great apart from the fact that they do get utterly filthy because they are permanently hot and so grease sticks and then the dust sticks on top of that. It requires a special cleaner and some green baze and a fairly light touch, so as not to take off the layer of enamel. And patience ... lots of patience.

Thankfully, you cannot see the full horror of the situation here, but believe me, it needs a damn good clean. Oh joy:)

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