Friday, 26 March 2010

End of Term

Can't believe it's the last day of term today - where does the time go? Since the boy started school, the time just whizzes by - half term, then hols, then half term again. He'll be 5 next month! Where did my baby go?

Anyway. In amongst all the thinking I've been doing this week, I have managed to make 2 dresses.

Well, the blue one isn't finished yet - just needs the frill. They are sort of pinafore/tunic dresses, and I actually wore the purple one yesterday for lunch with the girls. The blue one is a sort of linen mix and a bit more casual than the purple.

Have also ploughed on with the boy's jumper. The yarn is the Debblie Bliss aran and it's beautiful to knit with, although I have had more than a few knots in the yarn. Not good. Am hoping to get it finished for his Easter break, although goodness knows what the weather will be like. It's been wet, wet, wet all week here, although I know it's been glorious in the south.
I have finished my colour swap package! Hurray. Just need to parcel up and send off to the lovely lady behind Dreaming of the Simple Life. We are both taking part in Dolly Dollop's colour swap - we had to choose our favourite colour and then send 5 items by the end of March. Of course, I can't show you what I'm sending yet - but hopefully next week I will be able to reveal!
Okay, I must away to attach that frill whilst I still have chance (i.e. with no small hands getting in the way).

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