Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Good Idea

So there I was, packing up my sewing bag to go to sewing class last night and I suddenly decided that I didn't really feel in the mood for cutting out a blouse. Instead, I had an idea in my head to transform a T-shirt for my son to wear to a birthday party on Friday. Unfortunately, he has decided that he doesn't like buttons - which makes it pointless trying to get him into a shirt for smart occasions. I like him to wear something smart because all the little girls are in their lovely party dresses, looking like princesses, and I just think it's a shame that boys don't really have an equivalent party outfit. Not that they care, of course :)

So I grabbed my dinosaur curtain material that I bought last week in John Lewis (thinking in terms of a book back or PE kit bag) and a stripey T-shirt and off I went.

I bondawebbed the dinosaur to the T-shirt first, then just zig-zagged round the edges! Simples!
I think what makes it work, more than anything, is the fact that I happened to have the exact shades of cottons to match the design. We only thought of putting the tail on the back, after I'd finished the front - it was there to be used, so I put it on. Am mighty pleased with it, I can tell you. The word 'Boden' was being bandied about at the class, which was very satisfying.

The party in question is for a little girl in his class at school. For some reason (don't ask me why) I got her some pink sunglasses (yes - just the weather for them) and some 'matching' Peppa Pig hair clips. I was thinking that girls love hair stuff and kids love sunglasses. Anyway. It isn't really a big present, as such, so I decided to run up a little sunglasses case, just to make it look a bit more like I'd made an effort. You can see the tinsy amount of material I had to play with.
But you don't need much. If I'd had more I may have made a little bag. Possibly even with some applique on the front, as it is now my new best friend.

I didn't put one of my little labels on to say I made it, because I thought it smacked a bit of showing off. I always get terribly embarrassed when someone asks if I made something because I automatically assume it looks 'homemade', if you know what I mean. I doubt the girl in question will care either way!

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