Sunday, 23 May 2010

Phew! What a scorcher!

Well a combo a grandparents staying and 3 scorching hot days has meant a dreadful lack of posting, for which I apologise.

We didn't have a pump to fit the paddling pool, so the boy had to make do with a rather squashed effort - but it was so hot, he was happy anyway.

Fun was had at the beach today - a sand monster appeared,

... and then disappeared in the sea.

But what about the stitching, I hear you ask? Well, I've been hexing in the garden ...

so nice to sit in the sun and stitch away. I think it will just be a cushion cover actually - perhaps not a quilt (!!). And then the evenings have been spent piecing together the granny square blanket.

I still have 2 more long rows to add - I was thinking of doing it long and thin, like a shawl for the summer evenings, but now I'm thinking it might be a bit too thin so - guess what - more squares are needed (hurrah!). I guess that means another visit to the wool shop ... sigh ...


  1. A day at the beach in hot weather sounds idyllic. Your grandson looks like he had a great time. I love your granny rug. Kim :)

  2. Ooops. How mortifying! lol Sorry about that! I read grandparents as grandchildren. :o You could have started really really early!! :) Kim

  3. Those beach pics remind me of when we went out onto the sandbar in Wales and didn't notice the tide come in. Remember that? Had The Boy been around we'd had to have carried him through the water!