Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Patchwork mania

This is a patchwork quilt I've been working on for the boy. I'm using a Jelly Roll for it, which makes life so much easier because all the material is there for you and it all matches. All you have to do is cut the strips into the required length and then sew them together. Simples!

(If you don't know what a Jelly Roll is - it's the round thing on the cover of this book and consists of 40 strips of co-ordinating fabric).

I found this book in the local library. It's got loads of different quilt designs using just one jelly roll - which is easily enough for a single size quilt. You will need some extra material for the border, bindings and backing though. And the batting. But I still think it's a relatively cheap option for making a quilt. The jelly roll cost £26.99 and the fabrics are a very nice weight, 100% cotton and you get 40 different ones that all co-ordinate so you can put anything with anything. The pattern I chose uses 40 different squares, so each square will be different.

These are my border and binding fabrics, which I bought yesterday.

Meanwhile, the crochet squares are multiplying

but I seem to be running out of wool, so another trip to the wool shop is in order.

Now I really must put my mind to my monthly photo montage thingy. The last one I did was this one - February! In my defence, my print cartridge needed replacing ... ahem ... anyway, I'm on the case now ;)

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