Friday, 14 May 2010

Edege of your pants!

Well I expect you've been on the edge of your pants, just waiting for me to reveal this quilt (not). So here it is

Can you see the crinkling effect? I love it.

The boy was fairly thrilled with it, although slightly more thrilled with his new Cars DVD which he got yesterday (even though it was merely a replacement, as his first one was scratched and worn out due to constant use). Who am I to compete with the god that is Lightening McQueen?

But now, of course, I have no sewing project!! Help! Actually, my parents are visiting for the next 3 weeks which rather puts my machine out of action because they are staying in the spare room where my sewing corner is. Bummer :( (not that I don't want to see my parents of course ;). But I did have a bit of a light bulb moment. You see, even though these quilts are super lovely, the real, bare bones of an 'heirloom' quilt in my book is the traditional hexagonal one, hand-stitched, totally random. You sometimes see them in antique shops (rarely in charity shops) and I just gravitate towards them like a moth to a flame.

So I thought, well I have a very large bag of scraps from all the different projects I've done in my house - cushions, quilts, mats, etc - scraps that are too small to make anything with but I saved really for applique projects. Why not start a quilt then, I thought? So I've printed off some hexes from the computer and ... may the cutting begin. I just hope it's not as addictive as the crochet granny squares otherwise my whole house is going to be overrun with squares and hexes :)


  1. it is addictive..I can't even bring myself top sew them together I have hexes in a box colour coded...I'm beyond help ;)

  2. I love your quilt. It looks delightful. And yes, hexagons are addictive! :) Kim