Thursday, 13 May 2010

Oooh you ... tinker!

Remember the jelly roll quilt? Well, believe it or not, it's finished! I only started it - what - 2 weeks ago?, at my Wednesday night sewing class and now it's blinking well finished. And it's not like I've spent ages slaving away on it, because I haven't.

Of course, the fabulous nature of jelly rolls is that you don't have to spend too long cutting the fabrics because it's already in long strips. You just have to cut it off to the lengths you want. And I suppose I must have chosen a pretty straight forward pattern because I only had 40 blocks to assemble before adding the border and binding.

Even the quilting itself was straight forward as I was able to follow the lines of the blocks and quilt either side of each seam.

It's now been washed and ... it's in the dryer being 'crumpled'!! Sorry - you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see the finished item. I don't know if you know about this technique where you wash the quilt and then put it in a very hot dryer and it comes out all crumbled and textured and lovely, as if it's been there for years? I used it for my other quilt - this one -

It's a bit hard to see, but it's crumpled and sort of slightly puckered (nb: the above was made from Alicia's fabulous pattern - she suggests this shrinking technique). I loved the finish of it, and it also gets the first wash out of the way - you know, the one you're slightly anxious about in case the whole things runs or bleeds. Actually, I use Colour Catchers, just in case. I shall reveal the results tomorrow.
Meanwhile, crochet granny hanger no.3 has just rolled hot off the press.

I decided to add this lavender-filled heart, too, as I thought it would make the clothes smell nice.
I like the colours in this one - the jade colour with the pink is slightly more girly than the previous grey I used. Do you think these would make nice pressies for girl friends? I thought perhaps a label saying "I couldn't afford a dress, but here's a hanger to put it on" or something along those lines!

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