Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Woke up to a blanket of frost today - we are forecast snow, but so far no show on the snow front. This is a picture from my morning walk along the country lanes - brrrrr! It was certainly bracing today.
You know that saying about the black sheep of the family? Well here is a family of black sheep (hee hee!).
And here is Lionel. Lionel is my son's my favourite cuddly toy in the whole wide world. He sleeps with him every night and is very well loved. So well loved in fact that I'm afraid he's going to have to go to cuddly toy hospital today
Don't worry - it's not the first time he's been to hospital and I promise to be very gentle with him.
Sewing class tonight and I am hoping to finish myred tunic. Stay tuned for a reveal tomorrow!

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  1. Well you KNOW you are killing me with your scenic English countryside pics. xoxo