Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Half Term

I made a bit of a last minute decision to head down south to Granny and Grandad's for Half Term week, hence the lack of posts, for which I apologise. Also, lack of photos today as I am on my mother's computer and bless her, although she has a state-of-the-art laptop, if I were to download some pics and they popped up somewhere she wouldn't know what to do with them! (Oh dear - that sounds a bit rude!).

Anyhow. My first stop when I visit is to the mega John Lewis, heading straight to the fabric department of course. However, pretty disappointed this time. I was looking for some nice heavy-weight cottons to make some dresses but they had nothing but winter corduroys, or flimsy shiffons. I did manage to pick up an Amy Butler print which is rather pretty, and some cotton chambray to make a couple of little blouses though. I had to console myself at my second destination - the wool department. Of course, they sell Rowan wool which is just sooooo beautiful. However, was rather disconcerted to find that all my Cashsoft cotton books are now out of date as they no longer do the Cashsoft range. Boo hoo. Bit of a swizz, that. However, I got some lovely Milk Cotton, which I am hoping will knit up to my Cashsoft pattern - it's standard DK tension. Will show you all my purchases next week when I am safely back home.

Tomorrow, dad and I are heading into London. Even though I lived and worked there for more years than I care to remember, I haven't visited the capital since before even I was pregnant (5 years at least). Am hoping to come back bursting with ideas and inspiration ... and of course, one or two purchases.

Ooh, and that reminds me. I have made one rather lovely purchase already - it's a beautiful cord 3/4 length jacket, in a lovely shade of blue. Again, sadly lacking in photos here, but it's really lovely. I am envisaging making a nice colourful bag and scarf to go with it.

Am finding it rather difficult being away from my sewing machine, but am cracking on with the cable cardi - especially now as I have new wool to crack open when I get home! Is there anything nicer?!!

Ciao for now xoxo

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