Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nearly there

Okay, so the cable cardi is nearly finished. Just needs a seam sewing, collar and the buttons. 12 buttons! That's 12 bottonHOLES which I find a bit tricky. The pattern always says to slightly stretch the button band when you measure it against the finished work, but that's a bit hard to do when you've got to place buttonholes as you go along.

The other tricky bit was sewing the cable piece onto the bottom of the (short) sleeve. It is worked separately, in a length, to fit around the bottom of the sleeve - therefore, you're left with a cast-on stocking stitch edge (of the sleeve) and a side of the cable piece to try to sew together. Not easy.

I don't know if you can see too well on this picture, but here is the finished seam. I hate it when you end up with a line where the seem is - much prefer a sort of seam-less finish, if you know what I mean. Am quite happy with this now.

Tonight I'm going to start on this blouse at my sewing class. It has a little ruffle down the button band, which you can't quite see here, as well as the sleeves. Think I'll make my sleeves a bit longer (to hide the bingo wings :)

I was very good this morning and forced myself to do my Davina DVD. I really, really didn't want to do it, but my inner 'nag' got the better of me and now I feel much better. Mind you, it's only the 30-minute one, so nothing too strenuous (perish the thought).

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