Thursday, 4 February 2010

Freak Snow!

Well the snow did arrive yesterday - this was the scene at 4 o'clock, from the bedroom window. What you can't see is the actual snow falling. It came down thick and fast - just long enough to cover the ground, and then it all melted and left everything soggy! Unfortunately, my sewing class was cancelled as my sewing teacher lives on a farm, half way up a Cumbrian moorside. It snowed during those crucial decision-making hours (4-6pm) and, no doubt frightened by all the snow we've had recently and understandably so, she decided to be on the safe side and cancel. However, this did not deter me from finishing the red tunic!

I'm quite pleased with it now and I'm sure I'll make some more for the summer months. I've also got some nice black woollen material that I'm going to make it up in, to wear over jumpers.

It does still need hemming, but my sewing teacher has the most amazing gadget for hemming - I'll try and get a picture of it next week at the class. Basically, it's a stick that stands on the floor with a marker that you can move up and down it. You stand up next to it, with the stick on the floor and then move the marker to the desired hem level. Then, wearing your garment, just turn around whilst someone else pins the hem using the marker. This means that if you have a sticky-out bottom or tummy, the actual length of the dress will always be the same distance from the floor even though when you take it off and lay it flat it will look longer at the back or the front. It's hard to explain - but it works a treat.

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