Monday, 22 February 2010

And breathe out ...

Phew! Half Term over! Here is a quick summary of events:

Pancake Day

Learning to fly


Piccadilly Arcade

Lunch at Fornum & Mason (and yes, I think it was solid silver
because it weighed a ton!)

A Trip to my brother's house - he lives near the Olympic 2012 location, and here
is a building in progress

A good time was had by all, but we are now safely back home. I must say, I find it hard being away from home, even when it's a 'home from home' at my parent's house. I need my bits and pieces around me so that if I suddenly get the urge to make a bag, I can just do it. I need my books, my bits of material, my machine, my magazines and really, my SPACE! The creative brain does not like to be restricted, I'm sure you will agree. Well, mine doesn't anyway.
So now, onto the more interesting stuff. Firstly, I did confess in my last post that I had indulged in a spot of retail therapy. And here is the cheeky little monkey that caught my eye:

It's a beautiful cord coat - I doubt you can get the full glory of the colour on this photo, but the reason I fell in love with it was because it really is the most beautiful shade of blue. A nice little spring number, I thought.

And this is the scarf I have started to crochet to go with it, in some lovely supersoft DK. It's inspired by Do You Mind If I Knit's Little Squares Scarf.

Talking of wool. Yes, I did get some rather expensive Rowan wool, but when you see the pattern, I think you will probably think (as I did) that it is justified:

Oh Yum! Yum, Yum! As you can see, it is a cable design. I am currently finishing off my first attempt at a cable number and really it's been very enjoyable. I just love the effect of the cross-over with cables. So, I'm hoping the cardi will be a nice challenge. I figured it wasn't too hard because all the shaping happens at the sides, which is just stocking stitch, so doesn't interfere with the cabling bit. I absolutely cannot weight to get started, but I am being a good girl and finishing off my other cardi first. I have chosen pretty much the same colour wool as the photo, as I figured it was a good 'neutral' for summer wear (it's knitted in cotton).

I also got some material - an Amy Butler print (gorge-ous) and some light denim chambray:

I think these will make some summer blouses or tops.

So my brain is full at the moment. Full of ideas and projects I want to get started on. Hee Hee! Love it!

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