Friday, 18 June 2010

Lacy Love

So this is how the lacy top is progressing. Am really loving doing this little top, although I think I will be making it slightly shorter than the pattern so that it rests on the waist, rather than the hips. Don't need any extra bulk there, thank you very much.

There is loads of stretchiness in this Rowan Milk Cotton - much more than I thought. I tend to think that cotton is a rather more rigid yarn to work with, but this has lots of 'ease'. So far - and I say this with trepidation - I haven't made one single mistake in the pattern! Must be a first. Just goes to show that even a simpleton can do lace.
Meanwhile, hubby's grandad shirt is coming along nicely too. Will show you it when it's finished. However, I had a bit of a brainwave last night - I was thinking shirts and Christmas ... you know what I mean? I have a dad, a husband and a brother who are all pretty tricky customers when it comes to Christmas presents. My only problem would be getting some really nice shirting weight cottons. When you start looking for them, they're not that easy to source. And when you do, the choice is stripes, plaids or plain. That's it. Absolutely nothing else. On the other hand, I guess a really nice light weight denim shirt is always a winner, baring in mind it will be winter when they get it. Hmmmmm.


  1. that's some very clever lacy knitting! Looks gorgeous.
    Shirts would make brilliant christmas presents - great idea!!!

    ps - no, I didn't upholster my sofa myself. Believe me, if I had I'd have been bragging no end!!! ;)

  2. Your knitting looks incredibly complicated. And beautiful. Kim :)