Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I don't know if it's just me, but I find it nigh on impossible to find a knitting pattern that I like. I spend ages and ages trawling through Ravelry and Knitty.com and any other free pattern sites and yet I just can't find what I'm looking for. When you think about it, there are lots of criteria to meet: a pattern you like, in the right yarn, in a flattering shape, at the right tension. And preferably not knitted in the round (why do they keep knitting things on circular needles?).

You may remember that I bought a lot of Rowan's Milk Cotton and started to knit a cable cardigan. Well, I didn't get very far with it because it requires 100% attention and, as I tend to knit in front of the telly, I just kept getting confused and frustrated with it. So I thought right, rather than let it languish on the needles forever, I'll find another pattern. Eventually, and I mean, eventually, after all the above failed, I found myself in the local library yesterday and lo and behold, the perfect pattern!! Who knew?

This is perfect because it is knitted in cotton at a standard tension (as is the milk cotton). I have enough yarn, I like it, and I think (or hope) it will flatter my figure. Jackpot! Also, it's quite nice to knit because of the lacy pattern at the bottom and it's not knitted sideways or upside down or on those stupid circular needles (can you tell I don't like circular needles?). I guess designers feel the need to shake things up a bit by knitting things backwards, etc, but I think it's just annoying. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is my philosophy.

Meanwhile, at the house of Shirts, another one has rolled hot off the press. It only took about 3 hours on Sunday afternoon, start to finish, to run this baby up. It's exactly the same as the last (stripey) one, but I put 2 pockets on instead of 1, mainly because I accidently cut 2 out so I thought I may as well just bung it on there. Boys love pockets - very handy for stashing dinosaurs, you know.
The boy was slightly hesitant at first as he thought the material was flowery, but I managed to reassure him that it was spotty and definitely not spotty. God forbid.

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