Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Copy Cat

It was a very rainy day yesterday - like today - so what was a girl to do but catch up on some blogs? One in particular caught my eye - this one - which is all about being creatively thrifty and which I found really inspirational. So much so that I had to immediately dash out and get myself a wipeboard for the kitchen, which has already proved a great place to jot down the 101 things that I need to remember. My previous (small) blackboard just wasn't as user friendly.

So on here I can now put up my weekly menus, things to remember and stuff for the shopping list. Simples!

The other idea was a pretty simple one - one of those ideas that as soon as you try it you wonder why you didn't do it years ago. Mrs Thrifty is a very organised lady with her laundry and has set days for each type of wash, e.g. darks on Monday, handwash Tuesday, etc. I admit I'm not that organised (yet!), but the idea of having separate bags for each wash - instead of a laundry basket in each bedroom - seemed like a good one to try. So I did. Firstly I very thriftily made some laundry bags from old duvet covers. I've only made 2 so far and I'm using an existing laundry basket for sheets and towels. I think I may need another bag to keep downstairs in the utility room for tea towels and table linen. What I like about the bags is that you can immediately see how much washing there is, and then you can just pick up the whole bag and take it down to the machine, instead of dropping socks all the way downstairs with your arms full. As you can see, I still have quite a lot to plough through, despite every basket being empty last week ... such is life.

Meanwhile, one thing that is currently a little obsession of mine is pretty bed linen. Until a few weeks ago when the weather turned hot, I would not have been parted from my snuggly feather duvet. However, after searching the house high and low for the summer weight duvet it has mysteriously vanished and so an emergency sheet and blanket had to be found. And do you know, I actually quite like the old fashioned way of doing things! Somehow, the weight of the blanket and the crispness of the sheet is - perhaps - reminiscent of my childhood, I don't know. Anyhow, only having one flat sheet to my name, I realised that if I was going to spend the summer like this, I better invest in some sheets. And why not pretty ones? And I also have a bit of a thing for pillowcases. These (above) are Cath Kidston ones that I picked up for £6 A PAIR (yes!) from Holker Festival last weekend. Flamin' bargain if you ask me, I love them.

Well last night I decided to pick up this tapestry again. My brother gave it to me for Christmas and I went at it all January and then of course, such is the creative mind, I dropped it like a stone. But last night I just felt in the mood to do a bit more.

It will make a lovely cushion cover.

By the way, remember the sofa we bought on ebay on Sunday? Well we've contact the sellers and had no response at all! What does that mean? Does it mean they don't want to sell it anymore? Most strange.


  1. One of my biggest regrets when we extended the house is not making space for a utility room .... I'm afraid we are a laundry basket in every bedroom house and I hate it ... if we ever move again that is one of my top priorities. Your tapestry is lovely and will make a super cushion cover ... it's something you can pick up and put down as the fancy takes you. Glad you liked your bunting ... it will come with me everytime now .... I have booked three more craft markets for July and August and really don't know what I was worried about. I thoroughly enjoyed the day ... that first step is always the hardest. Hope your Ebay seller isn't messing about ... send them another message in case the first one got lost in the ether x

  2. What lovely laundry bags - and what a great idea. I feel we need something similar in our house!