Monday, 7 June 2010

And breathe out

Breathe in ... hold ... and breathe out. Phew. Half term over and the grandparent's 3 week stay is over too. There is now a faint chance that, after all the washing of sheets and towels and straightening of the house, I may, just may, get back to 'normal'. It is lovely to see my parents, but of course, everyday life changes when other people are in your house and speaking as someone who loves being at home, on their own, let's just say ... well, need I say? You know what I mean.

The only thing I've managed to achieve, creatively, is to finish the crochet blanket. Here it is folded in half (lengthways) on the back of the rocking chair. I blocked it last night, which has helped, as it was rather higgeldy-piggeldy when I finished it. It is beautifully warm, I have to say, thanks to the Debblie Bliss Cashmerino that I used.

I'm not sure what project I'm going to start next. My mum bought me a jelly roll to make her a quilt with, so I will start that at sewing class this week, plus I have a short-sleeved jumper which is nearing completion on the needles. I'm still plodding along with the hexes, although progress is slow. Perhaps a cushion cover will emerge soon.

Yesterday I did something I've never done before - bought something on ebay! I really do not like our lounge at the moment, the main problem being the 3-piece suite (which was bought quickly, in an emergency). It's far too modern for our cottage really. I'd rather not show you a picture because it really is not very nice. Anyhow, in my mind I have a picture of 2 lovely wing-back chairs, complete with blankets and cushions, plus a lovely sofa, ditto. So I started to look for a sofa, and there was one, cream, just right, only 15 mins left to bid and no bids! So I bid (encouraged by hubby). And now it's ours!! £50 and in mint condition (I hope). When we got the email which said Congratulations, we both looked at each other and said 'we've just bought a sofa', in a sort of state of shock! Of course, now I that I've started along this path - which, let's face it, was a bit of a whim and one which we cannot really afford - I now have to get some chairs and the walls will need papering and ... oh dear, what have I done?

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