Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Day of Rest

Woke up this morning and felt completely knackered. I think my sudden leap into the outside world has finally taken its toll on my body. I mean, one minute I'm practically hibernating all winter in my sewing room and the next, I'm out planting veg, painting fences and even - wait for it - going for a bike ride! Yesterday, as there was the coldest ever icy wind blowing, despite an otherwise perfect sunshiney day, I thought I'd give the dresser a lick of paint.

You may be able to just see the wear and tear marks on it - it was looking a bit scruffy really. So I wiped it down, sanded it down and then applied a coat of paint (just the bottom half of it).

It looks much better now. Fresher. Anyhow, I then decided that perhaps I should brave the wind and go and do some more fence painting - which I did, for 3 hours. Brrrrrr! All that bending and stretching - I was very cold and very sore by the time I eventually made it indoors to start cooking the tea.
So today, I think it's a well-earned rest day. By the way, here's the jumper I made for the boy:

It was made with Debblie Bliss Aran and he wore it for the first time over Easter. Unfortunately, he did something he's never done before - puked in the car - all over the new jumper! Arrrgggh! Luckily, as you can see, it has stood up to a good wash! (The flowers, by the way, were a Wedding Anniversary present from hubby - 6 years on the 17th!).

And in a bid to sort of kick-start my creative mojo again, I think I might attempt a granny square blanket. This is my first ever granny square - it took me precisely 4 attempts to master it.

I have some lovely colours in this Debblie Bliss Cashmerino, left over from the fingerless gloves, so think I might just keep it as a slow-burning project. A square here and a square there. And they are pretty simple, once you've mastered the first one. I just can't bare to sit down in the evening and not have something on the needles. Or needle. Watching tv without simultaneously creating something seems like a complete and utter waste of time to me. It just doesn't feel right.

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  1. i nkow exactly what you mean about feeling knackered i've been painting the small summerhouse in our garden and digging new beds etc, there's still more garden jobs to do but i would love to get into my sewing as well...
    the jumper is gorgeous and definitely withstood wash after the sick incident...

    i've been admiring all the crochet projects everyone has on the go at the moment, i have done any crochet for years but i think i need to dig out my crochet hooks...
    hope you have a lovely restful day