Thursday, 7 October 2010


Morning all! What a lovely crisp and dry morning for a good stretch of the legs.

Here is our little bridge over the beck, in our little hamlet. The water was babbling away this morning. It's the colour of beer - a deep copper brown with little white horses as it rushes over the rocks.

On my way back I could see the church at the top of the hill, with the boy's school just nestling underneath. I said "Morning!" to 8 people in total, all friends and neighbours, two of which stopped to ask if I needed a lift. No, says I, I'm just taking a morning walk. Jolly good, lovely day, they chirruped! Lovely.

So the last couple of days have been a bit of a baking frenzy, as you can see. Just couldn't stop, once I'd started, I'm afraid.

These little pies are for the boy's packed lunch. He loves them - they have a mixture of corned beef, mashed potato and carrot in them. I make them in a muffin tray and they're just the right size for him.

There was also a huge pastie, but it didn't hang around long enough to have it's picture taken ;)

This carrot cake I took to my sewing class last night, to celebrate the return of Stanley. Yum!

I even made some bread - in the breadmaker - just in the case the whole house wasn't filled quite enough with delicious smells.
So now you can see why I've reinstituted my morning walks. Just to make sure I can still move, what with all the cakey-goodness going on ...


  1. Very impressive. Any chance of the recipe for those pies? I think my ds would also appreciate them!