Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Finished Objects!

Another stunningly beautiful day today. In fact, if you were to think about the perfect Autumn day, this would surely be it. Perfect blue skies,

a thick frost indicating a nice chill in the air,

and the bright colours of the season (this leaf is in fact the brightest red you ever did see - except my ruddy camera doesn't capture it's colour so well).

Back home, I can show you my finished tapestry. You may recall that my brother kindly bought me this kit from the Historical Sampler Company (under specific instructions, of course), for Christmas. It's been by the side of my chair ever since and I've worked on it slowly over the months, a bit here and a bit there. Last night I finally finished it and unfurled it from it's frame. I'm going to make it into a cushion for the kitchen. Now, however, this does leave me with a tapestry 'gap' - should I wait until Christmas for big brother to get me another one? I doubt I could wait that long, really, although it would be a nice tradition, wouldn't it? One a year. And even more special to have to wait for it. Hmmmm.

I finished the little Halloween garland. The plain pumpkins do in fact have stitched pumpkin lines on them, but of course you can't see them from a distance. Wish I'd put the faces on them now. But it's quite cheery.

And this is the finished runner. In the end, because it was 7 foot long (!) I used a sheet that'd I'd dyed a while ago, for the border and binding, so as not to have any joins. Then I just ran some straight lines of stitching along them, to lightly quilt it, as it does have wadding in the middle. Am quite pleased with it and, remarkably, it has remained stain free so far, which is always a bonus.
Today I am making sweet treats for the school Halloween party tomorrow. I figure anything can look Halloween-y if it's either orange or black, or both :)

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  1. your tapestry is lovely! I have a plan for you, tell your brother he has to buy you two a year, then you have enough to last you and it can still be a family tradition!