Monday, 11 October 2010

Good Moow-ning!

Good Mooooow-ning!

Sorry - what was that? Did somebody say something?

Another stunning morning today. So beautifully sunny and bright, a perfect blue sky, and yet that lovely chill in the air. A slight frost on the fields.

As I walked the boy up the hill to school, I told him that Autumn is my favourite time of year. He said winter was his favourite "because first it snows, then it's Christmas!".

Well it's my pattern cutting nightclass again tonight and I've just finished my homework, which was to make up the skirt block we drafted into a skirt, and then design a skirt to cut tonight. Am so loving this course. I have wanted to learn these skills for so long and I'm so excited at the thought of having a new wardrobe that fits ME.

On my to-do list this week is to sew up the fairisle cardigan. I finally finished it and blocked it out at the weekend. Can't say I'm looking forward to sewing in all those ends, up hey ho.

Of course, that left me with nothing on the needles - yikes - not with an X Factor marathon approaching! Luckily, I had enough left-over aran yarn from the fairisle cardi to actually make this jacket for the boy. Except the sleeves will be a combination of stripes to use up all my bits.

I started it on Friday night and by last night had already done the back and the left front! Don't you just love aran? I might even line this with a nice soft brushed cotton. Mmmm. Snuggly.

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