Monday, 18 October 2010

Feeling Spooky

Sundays have turned into 'Adventuring' day in our house, mainly for the boy and his dad - but yesterday I was summoned along (not quite sure why). Anyhow, we ventured up to Devoke Water, near Birker Fell. As you can see, the scenery high up in the mountains is almost pre-historic. In fact, these mountains have been here since the dinosaurs were roaming the land. Weird, huh?

We had our picnic near the water. It felt like being on the roof of the world. The boy ran into school this morning and announced he'd been on an adventure yesterday 'climbing mountains'. Well, not quite, but there were suitable gasps from the girls.

I wonder if he'll manage to keep them spellbound in this Wizard's costume? I spotted the fab star fabric on the market on Saturday and had to have it. I was thinking about a black cloak and then wondering how to incorporate the stars and then I thought - long, pointy sleeves! Wizards do seem to have those sorts of sleeves, and with the pointy hat it looks very Wizardy. Completely forgot to get some face paint, but I may just finish it off with a long, pointy beard.

Anyhow, with thoughts of halloween uppermost, I fiddled about with some felt and started to make a little halloween garland to hang across the fireplace. Was rather chuffed with it really. This is part of the joy of having kids - you can indulge all your little ideas and say you're doing it for them ;-)

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