Friday, 2 July 2010

Baby Love

So. The boy's teacher is having a baby. Soon. I mean she's huge, god love her. And she's such a lovely teacher that of course I've been wanting to give her (or the baby) a little pressie. We don't know what sex it is yet, which does make it slightly tricky when you're planning presents, especially if you need time to make it.

Anyhow, I came across a fab idea in this book - Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee. I got it ages ago - it's mainly about embellishment and applique - but I haven't made anything from it yet.

Anyhow, the idea is for a felt book.

All the patterns for the motifs are given at the back of the book, so it's just a case of tracing them, cutting them out and then finding suitable pieces of material to use. Now I haven't got a huge amount of felt - just a few colours really - so I decided that any material would pretty much do, if bondawebbed onto the panel before handstitching around the edges.

This is the panel for the front of the book.

And this is the first page.

And this the next, which will be opposite a 'cats' picture. Luckily, a couple of months ago I picked up bags and bags of embroidery threads at an antiques fair (of all places - I don't think they were antiques!) for 30p a bag! Must have got at least a hundred of them for under a pound!! Which makes this whole exercise a pretty cheap one, as I'm using what I've already got. NOT that thrift is the name of the game here - just a bonus. Of course, this book has the added bonus of coming under the 'educational' banner (just) which is a double whammy for a teacher's baby, don't you think? hee hee.

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  1. I'm sorry I missed this one earlier. I love the felt book. My youngest daughter and I were talking about making a felt book for my first grandchild for Christmas. Charlie has just turned one so he is just the right age. Kim :)