Friday, 10 September 2010

Cushion Accomplished

Okay, so I finally went with the patchwork on cushion no.2.

Am fairly pleased with it. Think the whole seating area needs more cushions, though, but hopefully my cupcakes tapestry will fill the gap. Although then, of course, I'll need another one to balance it out.

I got this tapestry kit from the Historical Sampler Company. It's the first one I've done and I have to say I really enjoy doing it. It's almost a cross between knitting and sewing and is a nice, gentle project to do whilst curled up in front of the fire/tv.

I've done the top row of cupcakes since I took this pic, so I'm on the home straight. It's a dreadful day here today, so I might just do something I never do in the daytime - catch up on some telly :)

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