Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ahh, Sunny September

Oooh, how I love September. And Autumn. And Winter, in fact. But September is so good for ultra sunny mornings, but with that lovely chill in the air. The grass this morning had just a faint hint of white about it and even now still has a thick layer of dew, sparkling in the sunshine (which you would be able to see, had I got a decent camera). My slippers are wet, just from hanging out the washing.
Well, on Monday I achieved one complete cushion cover by the end of school time AND managed to give the house a damn good clean too. Amazing what can be done when there are no interruptions. As you can see, I went for the old favourite of hearts. Can't say it's terribly imaginitive, but I think it works okay.
But now I don't know what to do for the other one. I was thinking the same navy background fabric, but with a different design on the front. I tried it yesterday but it didn't quite look right. Am now thinking perhaps a patchwork design instead. Hopefully, some inspiration will hit me soon. That's how it works, usually. I think and think and think for ages and then suddenly, whilst I'm cooking the tea or hanging out the washing - ping! - a vision appears and I have to rush and try it out. It's just the way it happens with me and I know now that if I don't immediately try it out, then it will just bug me and bug me for ages until I do.

After all that talk of the Great British Bake Off the other day, and what with my lovely new book looking so pristine and unused, I thought perhaps a little baking wouldn't go amiss. The boy selected these - they are a cross between a jammy dodger and a cake, really. Yum! Very easy to make, I must say and only 10 mins in the oven. Super.

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