Friday, 22 January 2010


Well I have to say that, despite my best efforts to put on a brave face, my birthday yesterday fell a bit flat. This was in no small part due to the horrible virus I suffered with all day the day before, which left me in bed and feeling blurghhhh. So yesterday, I really wasn't myself - although you'd never of known, would you?

So today I decided I was in need of a little uplift. Plus, I also needed to get some material for the binding on my patchwork quilt - all the excuse I required for a little creative excursion! First stop, the sewing shop for the said material. Like most sewing supply shops there is also a certain amount of yarn available and I managed to pick out a nice DK cotton in a very delicate shade of pale yellow - not even yellow, just sort of devon cream, if you know what I mean. This is intended for a cardigan - more on that another day.

Next shop - book shop. Oh how I love to browse the shelves, hoping to find a nice welcoming book which I can pounce on for brilliant ideas. I was not disappointed.

The above little number is perfect, I thought, for those times when you don't really want a big project, but fancy a bit of knitting. I am also rather in love with corsages at the moment (remember Carry Bradshaw's in Sex in the City? Yes, well I'm only about 5 years behind ...). They are so easy and quick to make and yet can really brighten up a jacket or cardi. Splendid.

And this number is a really beauuuutiful book. I have to admit that of late, I've been rather lacking enthusiasm for cooking and so I thought perhaps Rachel could help me out. There are some really fabulous recipes in this book which I have been drooling over. She has some lovely noodle recipes (I could live off noodles!). Perfect for what looks like a rather drab weekend - a bit of home cooking with the boy. I'm thinking perhaps to just try to make one new dish per week - that sounds manageable, doesn't it?
So a rather successful little visit, I feel. Looks like a weekend of knitting and cooking ahead.

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