Monday, 25 January 2010

"The Clouds have fallen down!"

It was such a beautiful day here in the Lakes on Saturday that we decided to take a drive and head to Windermere to one of our favourite spots for lunch. The higher we climbed, the lower the clouds were getting until, magically, we were above the clouds! As we were coming down this hill, we were just emerging from a cloud to this view - not picked up too well on my little camera, but the clouds were very fluffy and white! My son exclaimed "Mummy, the clouds have fallen down!"
Later on, we came across this little lake where the ducks were taking a walk on the ice! Can't believe it was still frozen because it's been warmish here all week (i.e. 5-8 degrees!) and wet. Anyhow, we had a super lunch at the Lakeland shop in Windermere, which is their flagship shop and has a superb cafe. As you can imagine, I was in heaven with all the kitchen gadgetry on offer - I swear they have a gadget for every possible kitchen occurrence! Actually, I was pretty restrained to be honest, although I did splash out £1.99 on this ...
Which can transform this perfectly acceptable cheese sandwich, but which HAS CRUSTS ...

into this ...

two dinosaurs!!!! WITH NO CRUSTS!! You cannot imagine the excitement this caused with my 4 year old son! He has been eating sandwiches all weekend. I hardly dare think about the lunchtime scene today when they make their first appearance at school.

Anyhow, this week I am going to make a final push on my patchwork quilt. As I mentioned before, it's been a lot of work - although enjoyable on my new machine, if a little repetative! Meanwhile I have made a start on my summer cardi, which I will show you tomorrow. I know! Such a tease!

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  1. What a beautiful view!
    My son would have loved those dino sandwiches when he was small. :-)